TopCon 2 was s blast! Beard and Bean finally got to do something crazy with the Iron Brothers of Topeka. We met some great new friends: Mike Mundy and Debbie Rochon were a lot of fun and completely ridiculous. The guests and entertainment were spectacular.


Entrance to TopCon
Entrance to TopConlp

There’s a lot of room for growth for this convention. The venue was beautiful, large panel rooms, good sized vendor room, and a great breakfast buffet if you stay in the hotel. Gypsy and the crew put together an all-con representing a wide variety of fandoms. It will be fun to see a geek community to be developed in Topeka.

Also there’s this smart – ass dalek that roamed around. Quite possibly the snarkiest of all creatures in time and space. One of he funniest things you will ever see is a dalek cosplay and a Gimli cosplay get into a battle of wits. Two deadly creatures in their respective fandoms, spitting trash talk at each other. “Your mother has a short beard…” “Daleks don’t have mothers, except I had yours last night.” It was truly a spectacle to be cherished.


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