TsunamiCon 2015

We had a brilliant weekend at TsunamiCon 2015. There were so many games, demonstrations and exclusive prizes for convention attendees.

We started the weekend on Thursday night taping for “Beer Powered Time Machine” with Mikey Mason. This podcast allows Mikey to go around the country and gather stories from people while giving reviews of unique beers. That may be the single most brilliant ideas we’ve ever heard. Bean wasn’t able to join in most of the drinking (he did have a sip of the first beer), so Mikey helped us create and promote the new “Beard & Bean Official Stunt Liver” and Designated Drinker.


Friday we got to play a bunch of games, the one Beard seemed to like most was King of Tokyo. It’s a game using Gaiju (giant japanese monsters) to compete against each other. You win by either collecting points, or killing all of the other monsters. King of Tokyo is a brilliant, fast paced game that is great for many age groups.

Friday night was the Pub Crawl. Robbin Banks came up with the ScallyWagon, and we took a group to travel from Pub to pub in Old Town. Last year we had the first year of Beard & Bean vs. Mikey Mason Drink-a-thon. That’s where Mikey drank a lot more beer than what we (Beard drinking for two as Bean’s Stunt Liver) could hope to do. It was a tradition we couldn’t stand up to. We all had a great time and look forward to it next year.

imageSaturday was full of more board games, a cosplay contest, and Dungeons and Drunkards. We had a small but mighty cosplay contest, seeing some costumers with great imagination do their work. The winner was a first time cosplayer who put together a version of her Wood Elf character from Skyrim. She won a photo session from Scrappy Bee Photography. Other prizes included aBook set from Tandy Leather, Gift Certificates from the Burrow, and a cash prize for the junior’s division.

After the cosplay contest we played Dragons and Drunkards, a live rpg session. It was a bit crazy. The show was driven by the audience, they got to help choose characters, character gender, enemies and a new drinking rule every thirty minutes. Liz Duncan, staff of TsunamiCon, was the DM for the session. Mikey Mason played a warrior-poet, Beard was a wizard, and Bean was the cleric. Now to say that really limits the crew. Based on audience choices Mikey played a transgendered rogue who thought s/he was a bard and refused to be addressed by anything except warrior-poet, Beard was a Eunich Wizard, and Bean was given the role of a androgynous cleric of Bea Author. Our session was created so we would rescue a walrus named McGuffin from Entz; Flying, Screaming, Fainting Goats that turned into Monkeys and back; and “Not that Undead” Octogenarian Strippers…yeah, so… That did happen.

Sunday we got to demonstrate a number of games with Mac Drizzle. Lift! was one of our favorites, and we got good at it, and we beat some 10 year olds. Beard & Bean also played Cash and Guns, Oink a Doodle Moo, and a few others. We also took the time to be a part of the Metagamers Anonymous podcast. Sunday was great.


TsunamiCon is a great time to play board games with people around the country.  The vendors offered games, art, cosplay items, and great conversation. This event is community driven, designed and supported. We hope they keep inviting us back.

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