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Emerald City Steampunk Expo

By Mark Arganbright. Picures by Roberto Gomez


Doc Phineas greeting visitors ro Emerald City

 What a great weekend. Thank you all for coming out and having a blast with us. Doc Phineas was brilliant as the Master of Ceremonies. The External Combustion Orchestra, Frenchie and the Punk, and the Marquis of Vaudeville were exciting, fun and brought a great energy to the stage. A lot of great folks enjoyed the guests and panelists that Wolfmoon Productions brought in.


We loved everyone joining us for Con Cast
Friday evening we took the time to do a ConCast with our buddy, Good Ash. A number of friends dropped in. Susanne Lambdin, Doc Phineas, and Robin Banks sat at the table with us. A few guests of Emerald City Steampunk Expo told us about their experience with their haunted rooms in the hotel where we stay. Afterwards, Doc hosted a tea duel, Beard vs. Bean. Bean lost and had to call himself “Little Beard’s Sidekick” all weekend long. It was also the first night broadcasting programs using Meerkat, which allows us to stream straight to our facebook page.

What do you do when your lobster game is on point? This guy gets engaged.

The cosplay contest had some incredible entries. The show was stolen by the Children of Proteus. Not only did they bring out 5 new outfits between the three of the, but Charlie got down on one knee and asked for Kate’s hand in marriage. It made for an excellent show.  

Dr. Zero and his Victims… er, I mean Volunteers.

There were excellent panels all weekend long. Doc Phineas talked about the history and the future of Steampunk with a global perspective. Doctor Zero hypnotized volunteers on stage. Marquis of Vaudeville held an intimate acoustic panel on Sunday. Frenchy and the Punk and the other bands were a part of an exclusive meet and greet for Emerald pass holders. External Combustion Orchestra participated in a “How to be a Guest” panel on Sunday. There were three full days of programming and a lot of local talent brought their best to the audience. 

Roscoe right before he puts a nail in his head, eats a light bulb or some other feat of grotesqueness
 Roscoe and RoseRed flew the Phantom Airship Devil’s Blight in for their Oddities show on Friday. They brought a full crew, I’m pretty sure they used a vampire for thier host. Doctor Zero joined Carpe Incendia for an excellent fire show on Saturday. Whovians of Wichita and Time Eddy brought timeless entertainment in the Doctor Who viewing room. Cat Connolly brought her Steampunk Selkie act to the stage, and brought in all of her fish puns. Ichico Comics and other comics drew guest commissions all weekend long. 
it was a FULL Vendor room!

The vendor room was full all weekend. There were so many creative, innovative, and just plain tremendous products available for festival goers to take home. You could get your picture of an owl. If you had the coin for it, you could end up with brand new garb and accoutrement. 

Marquis of Vaudeville at opening ceremonies


amazing hats!

 There’s so much this intimate stempunk festival has to offer. Make sure to put it on your calendar for next year.

Big River Steampunk Festival

Cosplay Winner
Cosplay Winner

This event will be “THE” steampunk event of the midwest. That is to say, Big River Steampunk Festival has the perfect environment, and a supportive downtown to create an amazing event. Situated on the Mississippi River, the hometown of Mark Twain (and Bean’s grandmother), the buildings on main street still have Victorian decoration, and lots of room to grow create the potential for an amazing anachronistic environment where steampunk couture, culture, and clubs can develop and thrive. Continue reading Big River Steampunk Festival

Busy October

Good Lookin
Good Lookin 

We’ve really enjoyed this very busy month of October! The first weekend Beard went out Sioux City with The ScallyWags, and Bean hung out with the Whovians at Time Eddy.  This past weekend Bean performd two wedding ceremonies and we’ve been getting ready to do some shows at Kidsfests‘ Inflatafest. We’ll roundout this month with Tsunamicon a great gaming convention based in Wichita. Of course, October wouldn’t be complete without Halloween, so we’ve got a Trunk or Treat on the 29th, the HotTail Honeys on the 30th, and Halloween night were doing or own things! On top of all that, we’re doing a website upgrade, and buying merchandise to sell to you! October is a busy month, you’ll here more from us soon.

A New Waldorf and Statler
A New Waldorf and Statler