Justice or Jeopardy
Justice or Jeopardy

Our panels are always audience interactive. We keep a crowd excited to see “What’re they gonna do next?” We get to be known as being full of mischief and mayhem, we like to call it, boyish charm.

We’ve done a number of gameshows in the past, all sprouting from our flagship show, Anime Fear Factor, which is only performed at Anime Fest Wichita. 

Our other shows include: The Ultimate Geek Spelling Bee, So you want to be a ninja?, Will you Survive the Zombie Apocalypse (of 2012)?, Secrets of Comic Book Geeks, Justice or Jeapordy, and many other zany games we can develop. Beard & Bean gameshows are memorable experiences for audiences, some describe them as Japenese Gameshows with Redneck Sensibilities.

Ultimate Geek Spelling Bee - AFW 10
Ultimate Geek Spelling Bee – AFW 10